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26 October 2007 @ 12:42 am
Okay first off..no matter what anyone has to say regarding proana will make things change. Not unless a plague struck earth causing alll females to be fatties and unable to change. So nothing any of you 'critics' say will make a difference. This will always exist. You picking apart this issue is only going to make us worse. Do you know what it's like to wake up every morning dreading to put clothes on because you had a little extra the night before? Or eating at a restaurant in a nice outfit because you know the second that food touches your tongue, you'll gain weight? Or nights you've locked yourself away in your room, refusing to go outside or socialize because you hate yourself? I bet not, so don't any of you dare criticize us. I know that's what this community is for, but honestly...nothing negative any of you say is going to change things. Don't waste your time. The world is as is and it will not change. I guarantee you if Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan starting going to Fatburger every day and gained 50 pounds because 'its hot' ...no one would follow. Skinny is in, it will ALWAYS be in..and thats the end of that. Skinny is happyness. I am proana because I know what it's like. Yes, it can be a disorder..blah blah blah. what the hell isn't now a days? people who excessively go on the internet..that should be a damn disorder too. hell breathing is damn disorder! whatever. The girls that are more serious, that are actually sick from this..don't need meds, they don't need doctors, they don't need to gain weight..they need someone to be there for them, understand and help them cope. They need guidance and someone to be with them every step of the way back to being healthy. Morbid obesity to obesity to fat to chubby to average to healthy to thin to skinny to tiny. These are all categories that can and will be manipulated for the rest of our existence. No point in complaining about something that is everlasting. Why not help us cope rather than belittle us? We know what we want, we know how to get it and there's no stopping us. Call it wrong, unhealthy, immoral, disgusting, whatever your inexperienced little mind can come up with...WE WILL REMAIN. Your negativity, analyzations and critiques are only killing us faster -and isn't that the reason you're here to criticize anyway? Because we're 'killing ourselves'? Right, now there's an admirable trait..hypocrisy. Winners aren't you all.
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