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26 October 2007 @ 12:42 am
Okay first off..no matter what anyone has to say regarding proana will make things change. Not unless a plague struck earth causing alll females to be fatties and unable to change. So nothing any of you 'critics' say will make a difference. This will always exist. You picking apart this issue is only going to make us worse. Do you know what it's like to wake up every morning dreading to put clothes on because you had a little extra the night before? Or eating at a restaurant in a nice outfit because you know the second that food touches your tongue, you'll gain weight? Or nights you've locked yourself away in your room, refusing to go outside or socialize because you hate yourself? I bet not, so don't any of you dare criticize us. I know that's what this community is for, but honestly...nothing negative any of you say is going to change things. Don't waste your time. The world is as is and it will not change. I guarantee you if Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan starting going to Fatburger every day and gained 50 pounds because 'its hot' ...no one would follow. Skinny is in, it will ALWAYS be in..and thats the end of that. Skinny is happyness. I am proana because I know what it's like. Yes, it can be a disorder..blah blah blah. what the hell isn't now a days? people who excessively go on the internet..that should be a damn disorder too. hell breathing is damn disorder! whatever. The girls that are more serious, that are actually sick from this..don't need meds, they don't need doctors, they don't need to gain weight..they need someone to be there for them, understand and help them cope. They need guidance and someone to be with them every step of the way back to being healthy. Morbid obesity to obesity to fat to chubby to average to healthy to thin to skinny to tiny. These are all categories that can and will be manipulated for the rest of our existence. No point in complaining about something that is everlasting. Why not help us cope rather than belittle us? We know what we want, we know how to get it and there's no stopping us. Call it wrong, unhealthy, immoral, disgusting, whatever your inexperienced little mind can come up with...WE WILL REMAIN. Your negativity, analyzations and critiques are only killing us faster -and isn't that the reason you're here to criticize anyway? Because we're 'killing ourselves'? Right, now there's an admirable trait..hypocrisy. Winners aren't you all.
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25 October 2007 @ 09:01 pm


I can`t understand how people can be band from critics,isn`t the point of this community,to debate?

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25 October 2007 @ 03:28 pm

Anorexia is a mental disorder, and it is in no way healthy.  It is a destructive mindset that causes depression, among other mental disorders.

There is however, a healthy way to restrict calories.



25 October 2007 @ 07:51 pm
I think it is fair to say that every single person here shares a common goal - we all want the members of proanorexia to be healthy and happy. The only reason we're arguing with eachother is we have different beliefs upon how that can be done.

I was the person who chose not_this_planet to take over the running of proanorexia a few months ago, and with giving him just a little bit of help back at the beginning it showed me what a massive daunting task it is, which no-one can appreciate without doing it themselves.

I believe not_this_planet has the potential to turn proanorexia into a healthy safe place for anorexics and wannarexics alike. There is a long long way to go, because he's working towards it on his own, and LJ is far from ideal.

Some things i'd like to point out:
- his theory on healthy anorexia has been successful so far.
- he would not support fasting, restriction or purgeing.
- no-one is prepared to do mod work at PA to report posts or sort applications, leaving not_this_planet to do it on his own, and it is an unfathomably massive job. It is no wonder that he isn't moderating the community like we wish, and isn't helped by there being no-one reporting posts to the complaints desk. 
- there's a lot of criticism of there being wannarexics in the community. How can we tell who is a wannarexic and who's not in the application process? Can you think of questions that would define it?
- the theory behind 'healthy anorexia' is quite sound. It's too easy to dismiss the values of the idea because it's so "out there"... but this is just like when people first started suggesting the world is round.

not_this_planets communication of his ideas and views is not perfect due to not being able to carefully explain the concepts involved over and over, and protecting peoples confidentiality. So i can understand why he's getting such reactions.
I also do not believe that a lot of the ways not_this_planet has been handling moderation is ideal, but as we're not helping out, who are we to criticise?

not_this_planet is actually the only person truly working to help others here. It's easy for us to sit back and criticise, without seeing the inside. But as someone who knows not_this_planet well and knows what he's doing and his plans, i can assure you that he is worth listening to.
If you truly want to help the girls involved, then i suggest you search for the studies he's asked for. What harm can help like that do?
25 October 2007 @ 11:06 am
Sorry for the unfit title, honestly couldn't think of anything else. Anyway let me get to the point of this. I really dislike the mass stereotype of anorexics. You know "all anorexic do this because they want to look like models." or "the youngsters believe it's a diet plan!" Honestly, i find this somewhat annoying and funny at the same time. I have a ED, i don't like to eat, eating involves constantly looking at the nutrition label for the cals.. Not because of seeing the grossly thin Lohan or Mary-what's her face and though "i must look like her." or stared in the mirror under a false delusion that i am fat (I actually find plus sized women beautiful). It's a  paranoid thought that a i will get diabetes or have a horrible heart attack and die. No matter how small i get i believe i will become morbidly obese in a matter of days if i eat one sandwich, daily I try to convince myself this is ridiculous but it's burrowed into my head with fear. But let me get to the point, I honestly believe that destroying these sites well not prevent a 12 year old girl from developing a eating disorder or prevent one. It's a disease developed from many different roots (obsessive compulsive disorder, paranoia, mental/physical abuse..) But i do believe these sights are labeling  it as glamorous, yet deadly, like smoking ads and promoting that the beautiful out come from hard work with "Thinspiration" of beautiful thin girls. I have heard lots of excuses like that "It's for support'. Hmm, That is like a A.A group having a beer and vodka both and listing alcoholic recepies.
 My second favorite is "we support recovery" Oh yes with quotes like "Fat is ugly" "Thin is self-control!" "Nothing taste as good as thin feels" Oh yes, i feel the support (SARCASM ALERT). Despite this is still don't believe it is a seed to a eating disorder. What i do believe it is, is a trigger, a prevention and a gross blob of ED beauty tips in a false cloak of a "Support group" or a "Group gathering". I have once seen a list of ideas for minors to hide their ED from parents. I haven't once seen a Pro 'ana/mia' site once give a healthy tip or support that didn't involve "Drink lots of water, curves appetite" or "Did you know celery has only 5 cals?". I am not bashing those who go these sites, that is their choose, but i am strongly disagreeing how many of these sites are set-up as a risky tips list treatment for greater beauty. So i guess i float in-between, i don't removing these sites will cause a sudden drop in ED related deaths but i also believe these sites DO NOT support any recovery or increase of self-esteem. Also shouldn't it be 'Ano' not 'Ana'? Ana sounds like a porn star.

PS. Sorry for the lack of proper grammar and punctuation, i had to pee.
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25 October 2007 @ 10:22 am


Those of you who believe (1) fasting, and (2) "hard" restriction diets are dangerous can further your cause by doing some research and providing me with studies giving evidence of that danger.

If you can get me valid scientific studies, NOT ARTICLES OR WEBSITES, that we can legally publish in LJ ProAnorexia or link to the study itself, I will create a section of our PERMANENT WEBSITE to make them available to the members.

The mechanics of processing 25,000 applications a year and running a growing community of 13,000 people doesn't leave me any time for doing the research anymore.

I welcome your posts of criticism whether or not you help with the research, but know that by helping me in this you CAN ACTUALLY IMPROVE THINGS.

I will restrict comments on this journal entry to only those who want to actively do research. We can discuss the types of data we're looking for, and the findings of various studies as they are brought to the table.

No comments please from the others - you have plenty of other places in this community to make your comments.

22 October 2007 @ 06:11 pm
Available Help??
2007-10-22 01:59 pm UTC
Im researching into eating disorders for a uni project and I just wondered what you think of the treatment available at the moment. Do you feel like the help is not out there for you to recover or have you tried but it just didn't work?
I know you have this online community but are there places out there where you can actually meet up and talk to people one-to-one, I don't mean counselling I mean people like yourselves meeting together just to chat with someone who understands you?
Do you think it would help in anyway? I don't know about yourself but I sometimes prefer to speak to someone face-to-face.
Any comment would be helpful thanks :)
22 October 2007 @ 06:10 pm
I am an ex-anorexic
2007-10-22 01:03 am UTC
My name is Katelyn, I'm 19 years old and I DO understand. But what you are doing here, setting goal weights and calorie counting and getting drug ideas to lose weight is just worsening the problem. My doctor wouldn't approve a group anorexic session becuase you just feel the pressure and thrill of beating someone elses goal or following what they have done. You are encouraging eachother into an early grave. I lost 41 pounds in 2 months, I was 99 pounds. I started to go into kidney failure and I had no idea. I understand what you see when you stand infront of the mirror, because i've been there and a small part of me will always be there with you. You never realize how close to death you really are, the chance of never have children or having heart problems and osteoprosis your whole life... if you make it to having a whole life. Please, I'm pleading to you. Get help.. I know it seems like the darkest thing in the world and you would give ANYTHING to be a stick. Please.. consider what you are doing to not only your life.. but the life of others, by slowly murdering myself.. I was killing my family and my friends.. well by the end of my disease I only had one friend left. I'm begging you to just talk to someone.. talk to anyone. I'm here to talk to if anyone needs help. Leave a comments and I will send you my email. Life is so precious and death is so real.
21 October 2007 @ 11:17 am
'Ana boot camp?'

Someone, tell me this is a joke.
Not to mention the recruitment camp happening there.
21 October 2007 @ 03:50 am
POSTED BY: the_nicestthing
2007-10-19 12:04 pm (local)
would anyone be here criticzing if this was a support group for people who were suffering from self inflicted cancer? caused my smoking i mean...people who smoke are aware of the risks they are taking yet many still continue until they develop cancer...yet i could only imagine peope offering support to these people not criticism. just like cancer eating disorders are a disease. yet people dont seem to realise that
if u havnt lived through an eating disorder u can and will never understand.
im a member of this website and i although i don't know members personally i feel a closer connection to them than most of my friends. i know that if im ever feeling down or having a bad day i can come on here and immediately be given support from people that genuinely know how im feeling.
none of us here want to live like this
i get so fed up with having to explain to people that this is NOT a choice.
i would never choose this life and i would never want someone else to have to live like this
its not as simple as not eating
everyday is hell
everytime you see your reflection you are filled with such a strong self hatred that you feel that if you dont do something about it there is no point in living
Ana and mia control my life but the people on this site help make everyday that bit easier
i dont expect you to understand
you never will
i just don't understand how people can feel so strongly...and be so sure of themselves...over something they have never experienced