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25 October 2007 @ 07:51 pm
I think it is fair to say that every single person here shares a common goal - we all want the members of proanorexia to be healthy and happy. The only reason we're arguing with eachother is we have different beliefs upon how that can be done.

I was the person who chose not_this_planet to take over the running of proanorexia a few months ago, and with giving him just a little bit of help back at the beginning it showed me what a massive daunting task it is, which no-one can appreciate without doing it themselves.

I believe not_this_planet has the potential to turn proanorexia into a healthy safe place for anorexics and wannarexics alike. There is a long long way to go, because he's working towards it on his own, and LJ is far from ideal.

Some things i'd like to point out:
- his theory on healthy anorexia has been successful so far.
- he would not support fasting, restriction or purgeing.
- no-one is prepared to do mod work at PA to report posts or sort applications, leaving not_this_planet to do it on his own, and it is an unfathomably massive job. It is no wonder that he isn't moderating the community like we wish, and isn't helped by there being no-one reporting posts to the complaints desk. 
- there's a lot of criticism of there being wannarexics in the community. How can we tell who is a wannarexic and who's not in the application process? Can you think of questions that would define it?
- the theory behind 'healthy anorexia' is quite sound. It's too easy to dismiss the values of the idea because it's so "out there"... but this is just like when people first started suggesting the world is round.

not_this_planets communication of his ideas and views is not perfect due to not being able to carefully explain the concepts involved over and over, and protecting peoples confidentiality. So i can understand why he's getting such reactions.
I also do not believe that a lot of the ways not_this_planet has been handling moderation is ideal, but as we're not helping out, who are we to criticise?

not_this_planet is actually the only person truly working to help others here. It's easy for us to sit back and criticise, without seeing the inside. But as someone who knows not_this_planet well and knows what he's doing and his plans, i can assure you that he is worth listening to.
If you truly want to help the girls involved, then i suggest you search for the studies he's asked for. What harm can help like that do?