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25 October 2007 @ 11:06 am
Quick misspelled opinion!  
Sorry for the unfit title, honestly couldn't think of anything else. Anyway let me get to the point of this. I really dislike the mass stereotype of anorexics. You know "all anorexic do this because they want to look like models." or "the youngsters believe it's a diet plan!" Honestly, i find this somewhat annoying and funny at the same time. I have a ED, i don't like to eat, eating involves constantly looking at the nutrition label for the cals.. Not because of seeing the grossly thin Lohan or Mary-what's her face and though "i must look like her." or stared in the mirror under a false delusion that i am fat (I actually find plus sized women beautiful). It's a  paranoid thought that a i will get diabetes or have a horrible heart attack and die. No matter how small i get i believe i will become morbidly obese in a matter of days if i eat one sandwich, daily I try to convince myself this is ridiculous but it's burrowed into my head with fear. But let me get to the point, I honestly believe that destroying these sites well not prevent a 12 year old girl from developing a eating disorder or prevent one. It's a disease developed from many different roots (obsessive compulsive disorder, paranoia, mental/physical abuse..) But i do believe these sights are labeling  it as glamorous, yet deadly, like smoking ads and promoting that the beautiful out come from hard work with "Thinspiration" of beautiful thin girls. I have heard lots of excuses like that "It's for support'. Hmm, That is like a A.A group having a beer and vodka both and listing alcoholic recepies.
 My second favorite is "we support recovery" Oh yes with quotes like "Fat is ugly" "Thin is self-control!" "Nothing taste as good as thin feels" Oh yes, i feel the support (SARCASM ALERT). Despite this is still don't believe it is a seed to a eating disorder. What i do believe it is, is a trigger, a prevention and a gross blob of ED beauty tips in a false cloak of a "Support group" or a "Group gathering". I have once seen a list of ideas for minors to hide their ED from parents. I haven't once seen a Pro 'ana/mia' site once give a healthy tip or support that didn't involve "Drink lots of water, curves appetite" or "Did you know celery has only 5 cals?". I am not bashing those who go these sites, that is their choose, but i am strongly disagreeing how many of these sites are set-up as a risky tips list treatment for greater beauty. So i guess i float in-between, i don't removing these sites will cause a sudden drop in ED related deaths but i also believe these sites DO NOT support any recovery or increase of self-esteem. Also shouldn't it be 'Ano' not 'Ana'? Ana sounds like a porn star.

PS. Sorry for the lack of proper grammar and punctuation, i had to pee.
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