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25 October 2007 @ 10:22 am


Those of you who believe (1) fasting, and (2) "hard" restriction diets are dangerous can further your cause by doing some research and providing me with studies giving evidence of that danger.

If you can get me valid scientific studies, NOT ARTICLES OR WEBSITES, that we can legally publish in LJ ProAnorexia or link to the study itself, I will create a section of our PERMANENT WEBSITE to make them available to the members.

The mechanics of processing 25,000 applications a year and running a growing community of 13,000 people doesn't leave me any time for doing the research anymore.

I welcome your posts of criticism whether or not you help with the research, but know that by helping me in this you CAN ACTUALLY IMPROVE THINGS.

I will restrict comments on this journal entry to only those who want to actively do research. We can discuss the types of data we're looking for, and the findings of various studies as they are brought to the table.

No comments please from the others - you have plenty of other places in this community to make your comments.