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21 October 2007 @ 03:50 am
would anyone be here criticzing  
POSTED BY: the_nicestthing
2007-10-19 12:04 pm (local)
would anyone be here criticzing if this was a support group for people who were suffering from self inflicted cancer? caused my smoking i mean...people who smoke are aware of the risks they are taking yet many still continue until they develop cancer...yet i could only imagine peope offering support to these people not criticism. just like cancer eating disorders are a disease. yet people dont seem to realise that
if u havnt lived through an eating disorder u can and will never understand.
im a member of this website and i although i don't know members personally i feel a closer connection to them than most of my friends. i know that if im ever feeling down or having a bad day i can come on here and immediately be given support from people that genuinely know how im feeling.
none of us here want to live like this
i get so fed up with having to explain to people that this is NOT a choice.
i would never choose this life and i would never want someone else to have to live like this
its not as simple as not eating
everyday is hell
everytime you see your reflection you are filled with such a strong self hatred that you feel that if you dont do something about it there is no point in living
Ana and mia control my life but the people on this site help make everyday that bit easier
i dont expect you to understand
you never will
i just don't understand how people can feel so strongly...and be so sure of themselves...over something they have never experienced